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Safely Aging In Place

Safeguard Your Family with Trusted Home Services.

Taking care of your home or assisting a loved one with theirs can be difficult and stressful, especially from afar. Senior SafeGuard® offers home management services you can trust. This begins with a comprehensive safety assessment and recommended modifications that will reduce the potential for injuries within the home. With 24/7 on-call assistance, and a network of dependable contractors, we will help you by checking in on loved ones, monitoring property, arranging and overseeing maintenance, and providing peace of mind knowing that we can be there when you can't.

Senior Services

Senior SafeGuard is your trusted source for coordinating and verifying home management services required by seniors aging in place. We help protect your loved ones through ensuring home and property services are both necessary and provided by reputable contractors who deliver quality materials and workmanship at a fair price.

Senior Safeguard also provides home safety assessments, which include a comprehensive review and evaluation of all aspects of the home to identify areas of safety concern. We will make recommendations for improvements to reduce hazards that could contribute to potential injuries.

Senior SafeGuard provides a single point of contact for responding to and triaging many types of problems encountered by seniors remaining in their own homes. These type of problems may include plumbing, electrical, heating/cooling, and appliance repair or anything required to keep a home safe and sound. All work will be verified and reviewed for completeness and quality during scheduled Senior SafeGuard visits.

Senior SafeGuard can also verify regularly scheduled services, such as in home care, lawn care, cleaning services and more, to ensure they are being delivered as contracted.

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Nearly 90% of seniors want to stay in their residence for as long as possible.

Source: AARP

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